Ugbodu Town

Ugbodu Town lies at a latitude of 6.3793200 and longitude of 6.4585900 and it has an elevation of 241 meters above sea level. It is a Yoruba speaking community based deep in

the heart of Igbo speaking communities. The village is one of six villages which trace their origin to Owo Town in Ondo State of Nigeria. Ugbodu consists of four villages namely, Igwisi, Idumu-Agba, Ogoza and

Idumu Ogwa.

The people through interaction and centuries of living in their present location speak both Olukumi and Igbo languages. Olukumi is the Yoruba language spoken by Owo people in present day Ondo State in Nigeria. Collectively, the six Olukumi speaking towns make up what is known as Odiani clan.

Ugbodu is the place where the East of Nigeria meets the West of Nigeria as this town and its other Olukumi speaking communities of Delta State of Nigeria is the only place in the whole of Nigeria which speaks both the Igbo and Yoruba languages fluently as a people. It is also one of the most deprived communities in Nigeria today.

Despite this, the town boasts of many graduates in various fields. It has produced lawyers, doctors, engineers, agriculturists, scientists, and a national beauty pageant amongst others. It also boasts of a nursery school, two primary schools, one secondary school, a hospital, a post office, several churches etc.


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